Our Family

Andreas Funkenhauser

CEO & Athlete

Dominik Donhauser


Teresa Wimmer

Marketing & Controlling

Roman Setzmüller

Bike Lover & Web-Management

Florian Ruhland

CEO Engineering

Christine Overbeck

Fabrics & Design

Felix Weinkauf

Industrial Engineering

Ludwig Standl


Our Story

As passionate mountain bikers, colleagues at AFR Engineering GmbH and as friends, we were more and more often faced with a problem being unacceptable to us on our extensive mountain bike tours in the summer of 2016. The goal was to overcome carrying passages in an easier, more comfortable and, above all, safer way.

In the wake of this issue and as a part of the AFR family, we – Andreas Funkenhauser, Florian Ruhland and Dominik Donhauser – wanted to develop a solution, which allows us to do just that. No more obstacles should be insuperable, no more peaks unattainable!

Due to our passion for the sport and our strong affinity for technology, after many long nights and untold overtime, we developed the first concepts and simple prototypes, which immediately inspired us and pushed us forward in the search for the perfect solution.

It became clear relatively quickly that it should be a backpack, which offers the possibility to take a mountain bike quickly and safely and to carry it on the back, without having to compromise in the design or in the safety. A vision was born!

After the first sketches, designs, first prototypes and the prospect of creating something wonderful – not only for ourselves – we realized: We need reinforcement, the AFR family had to grow!

We were able to inspire four motivated personalities among our friends, working in various professional disciplines, the fashion and product designer Christine Overbeck, the graphic designer Julia Ruhland, the business engineer Felix Weinkauf and the engineer Ludwig Standl. From this point onwards and with ambitious goals in mind, the undertaking “Mountain Bike Backpack” took off and increasingly became a heart project.

In association with experienced experts from the textile industry and marketing professionals, we have created a brand and a product that not only provides us, but also – and above all – our families, friends, and customers with real added value and new possibilities in tour planning.

In the entire development process, from the initial idea to the serial production, we have never lost sight of our values ​​for which we stand as AFR. We have always been aware of our responsibility towards the environment and our customers. Our products stand for the highest quality and safety down to the smallest detail. TOGETHER, we want to achieve great, which is not only the claim to ourselves but also a promise, to all who support us on this way!